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Individual Reiki sessions

Reiki treatment
at a distance


The treatment lasts approximately 45 minutes and is composed of two parts:

- Telephone interview

- Remote treatment

Trattamenti: Servizi

Reiki courses

The four seminars/courses of traditional Reiki by Mikao Usui Sensei.

Traditional Reiki is among the disciplines closest to Usui's original teaching, not only due to its close lineage, but also due to the simplicity of the teaching method according to the precious indications of Rev. Hyakuten Inamoto founder of Komyo ReikiDo. 

The learning path takes place in four levels.

1. SHODEN (First level of learning "initial teaching")

2. CHUDEN (Second learning level "intermediate teaching")

3. OKUDEN (Third level of learning "deep teaching")

4. SHINPIDEN (Fourth level of learning "secret teaching")

During each learning level you will be given the original teaching material prepared by Rev. Hyakuten Inamoto and translated by Komyo ReikiDo Italia

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