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Individual session

Premise: The mind runs fast, it wants to solve, it wants to understand, it wants everything immediately...

The soul, however, has its own times, and I will invite you to respect them.

My task during the Constellation will be to accompany you and bring you back to your feelings.

I won't tell you what to do, I won't give you a logical explanation.

I will invite you several times to feel in your body.

How an individual session works

1) Contact me, explain the topic to me, having a clear idea of what you want to work on, let's make an appointment. (if I think I can help you).

2) Between the first contact and the appointment I invite you to observe how you feel, what moves inside.

3) On the day of the appointment you tell me your theme, what is your need, what do you want for yourself?

4) During the individual session we work with the same procedure as for group Constellations, but the representatives are represented by inanimate characters or similar figures.

5) It is the client who therefore enters into resonance with each element of the constellation represented, perceiving what moves him, always accompanied by my guide.

6) Each session can also make use of other modalities, which in my opinion at the moment can be devised.

7) From this moment on it is the field that guides us, and allows us to see the dynamics that lie at the root of the theme.

Book the individual session

Sessions can be booked on the next page, the cost is 80 chf payable online. 

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