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circle of standing people

Group session

Premise: The mind runs fast, it wants to solve, it wants to understand, it wants everything immediately...

The soul, however, has its own times, and I will invite you to respect them.

My task during the Constellation will be to accompany you and bring you back to your feelings.

I won't tell you what to do, I won't give you a logical explanation.

I will invite you several times to feel in your body.

How a group session works

1) This we gather in a quiet place sitting in a circle and when a person in the group feels ready to ask their question they sit next to me. The people who participate do not know each other, generally not family or close friends.

2) The person sitting next to me will explain his topic and his need.

3) At that point I guide you to listen to your body, so that you can center yourself. Subsequently, I invite you to calmly choose a representative from among those present in the group for each of the family systems connected to your question.

4) They will be positioned inside the circle, often accompanied by the person who chooses them guided by their own feelings.

5) At this point the representatives will also let themselves be guided by the internal movement, becoming a channel for those they represent. Letting emotions, body movements and behaviors emerge.

6) From this moment on it is the field that guides us, it is the movements that develop, which allow us to see the dynamics that lie at the root of the theme. (Let's remember that the topic is your intent, your need, what do you want for yourself?).

Join the next group session

The sessions will be made available on the next page. The cost per participant is 40 chf payable online or in person.

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