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Family Constellations

Family Constellations are a method that allow us to bring awareness and resolution to a vast range of problems that we all carry with us from our family of origin.
They are an image process, in which people are staged to represent members of a family, to deduce a dynamic from these people put in relation.
To understand all this we need to start from a fundamental consideration: each person is a complex individual, who has an equally complex history behind him, made up of ancestral ties.
We are linked to all the ancestors who preceded us.
In our character, in the decisions we make every day, in the mistakes we tend to repeat, there is an unconscious part that reproduces transgenerational models.
Our parents, our grandparents and all our ancestors continue to live inside us, and we often unconsciously bring back unexpressed emotions and parts of destiny that we believe to be ours.
Events such as trauma, violence, illness, failure, dysfunctional behavior or "family secrets" translate into our actions without us realizing it.
It is a kind of inheritance that has the power to block us, to slow down the evolution of our lives.
By letting the scenic representation act, we can fully understand the origin of the process we are experiencing, allowing these patterns to emerge. In this way we will be able to become aware of the dynamic that lies at the root of the issue, recognize it and then let it go. Freed from old unconscious bonds, we are focused on true love, affection, attention and respect. The Family Constellations method was developed by Bert Hellinger, a German psychologist and writer born in Cologne in 1925. A scholar of theology and pedagogy. In 1978 he started researching the phenomenon of representatives, discovering the fundamental orders of life which he called "Orders of love"  they are universal laws that govern life. These orders form the basis of Family Constellations and for the success of life at all levels.

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