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What is “color therapy”


It is an alternative therapy that exploits the healing power of colors to accelerate healing from mild pathologies and psychophysical imbalances.


There are various techniques to apply the principles of chromotherapy, we can absorb colors through sunlight, foods with clothes.


Each color stimulates our mind and reflects our mood


Chromotherapy has several benefits. It acts especially on hypotensive and inflammatory disorders by acting as a natural analgesic. The therapy is not a real drug but is still able to stimulate various soothing and healing functions of the body.


Whichever method suits you best, chromotherapy has no contraindications and is an excellent remedy for finding even just a good mood on the grayest days.



Chromotherapy is delicate and painless, it helps adults and children. 



👉 It can help our children with colds, dermatitis, fears, sleep disorders, colic and much more...


👉 for us adults it helps in case of stress, anxiety, fears, insomnia, tiredness, digestive difficulties, problems with the endocrine system, headaches, pain of all kinds, chromium helps in convalescence from flu or surgery and much more...

Chromotherapy can help you! 

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