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Ada is a shy, silent, shy and anxious girl by nature but with a great desire in her drawer: to be accepted for who she is, leaving behind forever that image of a loser that she has been carrying around for too long now. She doesn't like being the center of attention and, although it may seem like a paradox, she loves weighing down her face with make-up, inevitably drawing attention to herself. That evening at the usual pub, instead of ordering the usual Tonic Water, he orders a Mojito, the first of his life. A step towards change? Surely it all began from that evening. For her, for him, those eyes, those emotions, that desire to be different, to please, to like each other. Will a single evening of transgression be enough to completely change his way of being? Will Ada be able to abandon her fears and panic attacks through some holistic techniques? Will the slightly ugly girl be able to have her revenge against the world and against herself?“Like clay in your hands” is a formative novel based on small ideas, exercises and reflections that accompany Ada and the reader on a journey aimed at true knowledge of one's being. Because accepting and loving ourselves is our choice, our responsibility, both for Ada and for each of us. This book teaches you how

Like clay in your hands with dedication and signature of the author

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